Delray 2-Person Oval Spa Review

If you’re looking for a Spa for you and your partner to relax and unwind in then considering one of the smaller models is a good decision. Not only can this be a money saver with both the initial cost of the Spa and the lower operating costs but also they are ideal for compact spaces so they use up less room in your home or garden.The Delray 2-Person Oval Spa is a compact, energy efficient spa specifically designed for small spaces. Initial impressions are good. The Spa has a bold, modern look with an Atlantic blue shell and wooden frame but does it deliver the spa experience you and your special someone deserve. Read on to find out.Features of the Delray 2-Person Oval Spa

Small and compact
15′ GFCI cord included with lockable, insulated flex cover
Plugs into standard 120v/ 15 amp power out so no electrician required
8 Jets featuring airflow control system
Energy saver system with a 3/4 HP pump
Auto filtration systemSmall and CompactThe main attraction of this Spa is its small, compact size. At 91″x42″ it fits well in narrow, compact spaces so it’s perfect if you’re limited for space.8 Jets featuring airflow control system8 jets are included. This isn’t many jets even for a 2 person Spa but the airflow control system which is featured adds air to the jets by allowing you to adjust the jet pressure and massage action which provides an invigorating, relaxing experience and helps sooth away those aches and pains after a stressful day.15′ GFCI cordI was pleased to see that a 15′ GFCI protected cord is included which plugs into a standard 120v/ 15 amp power outlet. So as well as added safety protection, you’ll have no additional expenses of requiring electrical work before you can start enjoying your spa.Energy saver systemAn energy saver system is integrated so this saves you on running costs of operating the spa as well as being beneficial for the environment. A ¾ HP pump is included so this further keeps the running costs to a minimum.Auto filtration systemThe automatic filtration system is very impressive. It automatically cleans the Spa in cycles giving more time to relax and less time spent cleaning it. Additionally, the spa is easy to wipe clean thanks to the smooth Vinyl finish and wooden frame.Final ThoughtsThe Delray 2-Person Oval Spas most appealing aspects are its low running cost and compact size. The Oval shape is desirable as it gives you added convenience to fit the spa in smaller areas. But it doesn’t skimp on performance however; the airflow control system provides a spa experience on par with some of the spas in a higher price range.Overall, it is a nice little spa which is strongly worth considering especially if you’re on a budget.

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